Khari Shareef: Ch. Rukhsar shocked; Dozens of his supporters now support Ch. Arshad Hussain

Khari Shareef: Former Muslim League (N) minister got shocked as dozens of his supporters from Raipur Patwar announced their support with Ch. Arshad Hussain. They said that he has not fulfilled any of his promises and we won’t support a dishonest man anymore.

According to information, many people from the surrounding areas of Khari Shareed announced their support with Arshad Hussain instead of Ch. Ruksar. Many people from Ghaseetpur and Raipur along with their relatives and friends are now with Ch. Arshad. One of them said that we will support Ch. Arshad for the rest of our lives as we don’t support a dishonest man. Ch. Rukhsar could not fulfill any of his promises that he made to us so we don’t support him anymore.
Ch. Arshad thanked all these members for their support. He said that he would do his best to come up to his supporter’s expectations. The doors to my house are always open wide for my supporters. And with their support we would win the next elections and will start working for beneficial purposes.