Khaliqabad to Chitterpari Bypass Road damaged during Dam Raising Project

Bypass from Road Khaliq Abad to Chatarpari was sacrificed for the Dam Raising Project, there was a boundary made along its sides but is now in a state of complete disrepair.

Chitterpari Road, Mirpur

Chitterpari Road, Mirpur

The Bypass constricted by spending millions of rupees is in a woeful condition, which depicts the dishonesty of WAPDA and the contractor who made the road. It is a question mark on the agencies who hired that contractor for the job. The money given to the contractor did not belong to WAPDA or its authorities or to the Government or the Contractor or to Exaction who issued the NOC to the Contractor. None of the projects were completed, neither Greater water nor a better Sewage System and about 7 Billion Rupees were digested.

The tube wells constructed t the sides of the Ring Road came under water but no one is there to look into the matter. God forbid the Nation from Corrupt and Commission Hungry Officials and they should be held accountable.

The affected are till today protesting against the incomplete projects of the New City and Small Towns and if the situation continues so we will strongly protest against it. These views were expressed by President Action Committee Allah Ditta Khan demanding to solve the solvable problems of the By Pass Road affected and while commenting on the indifference of the current government on the issues of New city and Small Towns.