Khalid Baqa,52, arrested after PIA flight Escorted to Stansted Airport by RAF Fighter Jets

The Pakistan International Airlines plane at Stansted Airport after being intercepted by the RAF, as a man named Khalid Baqa who was arrested on the plane has been charged with fraud, Scotland Yard said.

The Pakistan International Airlines plane, on its way from Lahore to Heathrow, was diverted after an anonymous phone call sparked a major security alert on Tuesday afternoon.

PIA flight PK-757 was accompanied by Typhoons to the Essex airport, passengers in the plane took photos and sahred on Twitter showing several fire engines and a number of ambulances waiting on the ground. As soon the plane landed, it was quickly surrounded by police and they took a man out of plane.

Khalid Baqa, 52, of Priory Road, Barking, east London, was to be arrested on arrival at Heathrow but was instead detained at Stansted.

He committing fraud by false representation and has been bailed to appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court in London on February 23, this year.

Essex Police explained that it was neither hijacked or terror matter, just a passengers was due to be arrested. Such incidents are dealt with in a remote part of the airfield to the north west of the terminal building.