Khadijah Bilal, 33, Caught her Cheating Husband with “Find My iPhone” APP in Birmingham

Khadijah Bilal, 33, from Moseley, Birmingham tracked down her husband and found him with a suspected new secret lover – using his ‘find my iPhone’ app.

Khadijah who married her husband aged 35, in 2013 and both had 2 children from marriage, she went suspicious after she noticed a change in her husband.

Her husband barely spent any time at home and was often out until the early hours on a weekend. She says she became suspicious he was cheating.

Her husband always make excuses for late coming, by claiming going to Gym and spending times with his family, almost on Saturday nights coming back late almost early in the morning.

It was then she decided to trace out, she logged on to the ‘Find My iPhone’ app with log in details she had from when she owned the phone, and tracked him to an address ten miles from their home.

From the app, she quietly monitored movements of her husband, she also hired a private detective for £190 who spent two hours outside the street pinpointed by the tracker to work out which number he was visiting. Finally her husband was spotted going in to a multi-occupancy home.

One night, Khadija pretended their child was ill and phone him to come to home, but he refused, but alter when she asked their son might need a hospital treatment, it was then, he pulled up in his car outside the house, with her in the passenger seat – to drop her off.

But when Khadija ran towards the car and banged the window of car, he sped off. Her husband had been dating their housemate, Khadijah finally confronted her husband on January 7.

Khadija told she has no regrets of spying her husband, as she wanted a proof of what her husband was doing, to tell his family and her own family.

Khadijah is planning a divorce, on other side her husband told media that they are no more together but did not commented on allegations of his wife about his affairs.

Original News Source: Daily Mail

How to spy on spouse with Find My iPhone Application

Find My iPhone app is designed to help Apple users track down their lost or stolen devices, from iPhones to iPads to MacBooks.

So long as the device in question has some kind of internet connection, the app can pinpoint its location on a map, allowing the user to zoom in and out to track it closely.

The app is activated within the Settings menu on Apple devices: Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone
If Find my iPhone is activated, the user can track the device if they lose it by logging onto their iCloud account from their web browser.