Keighley Girl who Hid Body of her Newborn in Shoebox Should be Named or Not ?

A Young British who gave birth to new born baby in her bed room and then hid the body of baby in Shoebox under her bed room, she has failed to persuade High Court judges her identity should be kept from the public.

We would like to hear from your whether she should remain Anonymous or should be Named ? any reason you want to support her ?

Keighley Girl Should be named or kept anonymous ?

Keighley Girl Should be named or kept anonymous ?

There are two victims here, Baby and mother. The mother because she feared for her own life and had no one to turn to, cannot imagine her state of mind when she gave birth alone in such circumstances! Being a mother myself, I cannot imagine in my worst nightmares how traumatic this was for her, she will have to live with this for the rest of her life. She obviously had little education or access to social workers or outside help hence keeping the baby full term, delivering and then keeping it in her room.

Her mother seems just as naive as her daughter and maybe just as frightened. What kind of household was it to raise such ill informed child and parent? Baby could have been stillborn hence court unable to establish whether it was alive at the time of birth. No normal sane person would keep dead baby under a bed in a shoebox, this shows the state of that girk’s mind.

She should remain anonymous as she’s already paid for her mistake( saying that, how she became pregnant might be another abuse issue ) and this would explain why she’s not revealing information about abisive text. It might be member of her own family and this is why she has been removed from the home.

I’ve worked majority of my adult life with young people and have heard , witnessed the most horrific abuses committed by our so called ” strict families” towards their own bloodline. Allah give hidyat to everyone and may Allah give peace to this young lady who must be going through turmoil which non of us can imagine. Don’t be too judgemental unless you’ve walked in her shoes.

-Shanaz Zaman