Kasgumma Health Welfare Trust give merit scholarship

Kasgumma Health Welfare Trust funds the fee of a brilliant student Sohail Ahmed who is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in pharmaceuticals. He has been awarded merit scholarship due to his exceptional educational record.

Trustees of the trust held a meeting in Wales UK, where it was proposed by Chairman Muhammad Mustafa to give merit based scholarship to deserving student. General Secretary of trust Javaid Iqbal Raja was virtually present at the meeting. Through online conference he gave his assent for the proposal. After careful deliberation and evaluation, he announced that pharmaceutical student Chaudhry Sohail Ahmed was to be given a grant of net worth Rs 400,000.

The local community were very pleased upon hearing this announcement. It also served as motivation for other students to continue to work hard to avail other such opportunities. We thank Kashgumma Health Welfare Trust for their generosity.