Kamran Ghalib,36, of Smethwick, jailed for 12 years for keeping and Selling a Revolver and Ammunition

36 years old Kamran Ghalib resident of Smethwick, stored a revolver and ammunition before they were sold, has been locked up for 12 years.

He was member of gang of 18, all of them were arrested and jailed for more than 200 years totaling ffor supplying guns around Birmingham, but Kamran fled to Pakistan, but detectives arrested him from Birmingham airport.

Kamran was found guilty and charged with conspiracy to transfer guns and ammunition and to keep the weapon at a family address in Aston.

Kamran Ghalib use to pass guns over to other gang members to complete the delivery, but police intercepted the transfer, but Kamran manged to escape and fled to Pakistan and live there for 1 year, later when he arrived at Birmingham airport detectives arrested him.

8 firerarms, including a MAC-10 machine gun and a pump action shotgun were found buried in a garden in Aston, alongside thousands of bullets of ammunition. The price of a gun was around £3,000 apiece.

Kamran was the last member of the gang to be sentenced, but he manged to fled, and thought police has forgot about him and was arrested on airport after he arrived back.

Original News Source: Express and Star