Kamran, 15, Assaulted by Father High on Drugs, Mirpur

Whose kid is this? Who does he belong to? Neither does he have a hat on his head, or food in his stomach.

We are all sons of Adam, and we have one God.

Kamran Karamdin

Kamran Karamdin

This kids is from a Burkhay, Mirpur. He is only 15 years old, and his abusive father high on drugs assaulted him repeatedly.

There is no part of his body which is bruise free.

According to sources, the father Karamdin Mahashi, who is a dry fruit street vender is the one in question. Already three out of his six kids have passed away.

He is either mentally ill or has schizophrenia.

That is exactly why his elder son Kamran has to leave school and work at such a young age.

After working the day, Kamran went to a hotel to have food. When he was there it started to rain heavily, due to which he had to stay there for the next two hours.

After it stopped raining, Kamran set out to go home. As soon as he got home, his father started lashing out oh him with an electrical wire.

Soon after his screams drew attention towards their house, and the neighbours decided to step in. They saw Karamdin beating his son to death, and tried to stop him.

This case was brought to the attention of DSP Raja Azhar Mehmood, and he was asked to launch an investigation.

Karamdin was called to Mirpur Police Station, and they gave him a warning and made him promise that he will never lay a hand on his children again.

The thing we need to think about is, that why did his own father beat him up so brutally

Is this what the stress is getting us to? The economic crunch we live is getting too much.  We are sick and tired of the false promises made to us by politicians. This case of brutality shows that the people of Mirpur are getting more and more depressed by the day, which is caused due to their financial instability.