Judge orders Journalist to pay 5 Lac Rs to PTI Leader Mirpur Syed Abid Shah as Compensation

A legal rift raging between a local news paper “Daily Roshnak Mirpur” and PTI Mirpur Leader Syed Abid Shah settled recently by Court. Editor of Daily Roshnak Mirpur, Khalid Anum and others lost the legal battle and will have to pay approximately 5 Lack Rupees as compensation to Syed Abid Shah.

Syed Abid Shah was blackmailed and defame by fake news published against him Daily Roshnak Mirpur news paper. After which Syed Abid Shah filed a case against News Paper and its Chief Editor Kahlid Anjum and other staff members.

Daily Roshnak lost the battle and Additional District Judge Chaudary Muhammad Sajjad, after reviewing the legal aspects of the case, gave verdict and ordered Chief Executive of Daily Roshnak to pay the fine for defaming PTI Leader Syed Abid Shah.

Abid Hussain Shah filed the complaint and said that he is a noble and respectable citizen and is related to Political Party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and well know in the Mirpur city for his political activities, but the local news paper published baseless news against him and caused humiliation and defame him in the local community.