Jari Kas Park becoming a complete and utter ruin

Jari Kas Park has become infamous for looting its visitors. In addition it has little to no upkeep and is a germ fest.

The residents fought tooth and nail for the addition of Mangla Lake being in Azad Kashmir Territory. These people have made it their practice to charge high rates for entering Lake Park. Some swings have been installed to attract people and their children. There is an entrance fee of Rs 20 followed by Rs 50 fee to sit on swings. The antiquated swings rely on electricity to run. However more often then not electricity is not available. So customers end up paying money for reason at all. The kids do not get to enjoy swings and leave crying.

The park is often a site for Carnival held for the benefit of locals. However as no provision is made to accommodate large crowds, traffic blocks up ad its hours before it clears up. The disgusted parents demand to know in whose pocket the income does from tickets end up in? The management committee of the park has shown great neglect and made no effect to keep up with the appearances of the park.