Jamshid Piruz, 34, Sentenced to Life for Hammer Attack on 2 Police Officers in Crawley

Police have released graphic footage of a man attacking two officers with a hammer, which was carried out in Crawley last year.

Police received a call on January 7, 2016 about a man suspiciously in Stagelands, Langley Green. When officers found Jamshid Piruz, in nearby Nightingale Close, he was carrying a hammer and hiding in a confined bin area of flats in the close.

Body Worn Cameras capture the video and shows, Jamshid Piruz confronted officers from where he was hiding, threatening them with the hammer and two Tasers were discharged but proved ineffective.

Firearms officers Tasered Jamshid Piruz 3 times but it did not work, because of the thickness of his clothes, but instead he become angry and attacked police officers with hammer.

Officer who was hit in the neck by hammer has described it as “akin to a horror film”.

Jamshid Piruz, who was born in Afghanistan but has Dutch citzenship, was initially jailed in the Netherlands and served six years of a 12-year jail term after he slit the throat of his female tenant in 2007

Unemployed Jamshid Piruz of no fixed address has been sentenced to life at Hove Crown Court for various offences including two counts of attempted grievous bodily harm with intent.

News Source: sussex.police.uk