It is an Illegal step to setup Azad Kashmir Police in Islamabad, Riaz Inqalabi

Mirpur (2ndSeptember2014 Bureau Report) The Former President of District Bar Association Mirpur and the famous Law Maker Advocate Mohammad Riaz Inqalabi said that the 3000 Policemen of Azad Kashmir on duty in Islamabad should be immediately called back. The Law and Constitution of Azad Kashmir does not allow the Police Personnel to be deployed in any province, city, or capital of Pakistan. The Officers, Inspector General Police and Chief Secretary deployed in Azad Kashmir have no power to send the Azad Kashmir Police in Punjab or Federal Gullu Butt’s. He said that it is very sorrowful how the Azad Kashmir Police was used against PTI and its workers.

A vast majority of youngsters support the struggles of Imran Khan for New Pakistan and the public of Azad Kashmir do not want that the police of the Base Camp of Independence Movement Kashmir to be accused with using violence on Azadi March Participants in Islamabad. He said that Azad Kashmir police will follow whose orders in Islamabad. If the zadi March participants used violence or hurt any officer of Azad Kashmir Police like they did SSP Asmat Ullah Junayju, then who would be responsible. He urged that before any unpleasant incident takes place it would be better to call the Azad Kashmir Police back from Islamabad.

In the past, when Punjab Constabulary and Frontier Constabulary were used against the peaceful citizens of Mirpur, then the Kashmiri Public strongly protested against this step of Pakistan Government and demanded their return through Public movements. Similarly, if the Azad Kashmir Police is used against the people in Islamabad, it will have severe consequences.