Islamgarah, Wind Blew Away two First Graders off the Pull into the Water

Kaneeli, two first graders fell into the river under the pull due to heavy wind.

Islamgarah, wind blew away two first graders into the river under the bridge.

It is the political home of Azad Kashmir’s Prime Minister Chaudary Abdul Majeed.

One of the girls fractured her leg badly, while the other one passed out due to extensive injuries on her body.

As soon as they fell, people gather around and called the rescue team. Both the girls were rescued and taken to DHQ.

The local of Islamgarah, had already asked the PM to install fences on the side, which now they are demanding he does soon. There are no side safety measures on the bridge, and it is not safe for anyone.

According to a source, Safina Bashir, daughter of Mohammed Bashir, resident of Qazi Gurah, is 9 years old. While Sabiha Tariq, daughter of Mohammed Tariq, resident of Bana Mohra Kaneeli, is 8 years old.

They were both walking home after school around 11am, when they had already crossed half of the bridge the wind swept them off their feet and into the water.

The water under the bridge is 60 feet deep, due to which they sustained a lot of injuries.

The locals of Kaneli are protesting, and asking the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir to install safety measures on the pull to avoid any such incidents in the future.