IRSA and WAPDA authorities are responsible for the destruction caused by River Jhelum

Mirpur (9th September2014) The responsibility for the destruction caused by River Jhelum lies on the shoulders of authorities of IRSA and WAPDA, that remain sitting in the Mangla Power House.

The professional negligence and laziness of the authorities of WAPDA and IRSA (INDUS RIVER SYSTEM AUTHORITY) has not only destroyed Mangla Dam Affected but also the areas of Jhelum, Sarai Alamgir, Mandi Baha Uddin and other cities where the flood water is creating havoc. These people are the source for sowing the seeds of hatred for Pakistan in the public hearts.

PD WAPDA House and GM Power House Ghulam Sarwar Memon are sitting here from the last 12 years to fulfill the Indian Plans and such a ruthless and irresponsible person has never been seen before. If this man is not held accountable for his crimes then nobody can save Pakistan from destruction.

We demand from the Government of Pakistan to take action against this devil and all his apprentices and charge them with professional negligence and irresponsibility.

The PD WAPDA House has not even completed the allotments of plots among the affected, till today the developmental plans of New City and other Towns are incomplete due to his irresponsibility as he has taken money from the Contractors and chased him out of New City. There are multiple problems faced by the affected including the payment of rents and other expenses.

Various complaints have been filed against this man through news paper but to hide his illegal doing he is in league with the Minister for Water and Electricity which is absolutely disgraceful.

These views were expressed by the President Action Committee Local Affected Allah Ditta Khan, Ch Nazarat, Secretary General, Supervisor Action Committee Ch Abdul Qayyum, Baba Sardar, Ch Akram, Ch Ibrahim, Abdul Aziz, Raja Zulqarnain, Ch Ramzan, Ch Arshad and many other affected.