Intoxicated son of Raja Khizar attacked the Union Council Check post and threatened of Serious Consequences

Mirpur- In District Bhimber, the son of DFO in intoxicated Condition attacked the Union Council Check Post, while riding a Government Vehicle. He Attacked and threatened the Government Employees, tore the Governmental Records and escaped the scene. The Municipal Corporation has decided to take legal action against the attacker and have submitted the formal Application in Police Station Thothal.

According to details in the middle of the night between 13 and 14th September,5 men riding a white colored double cabin car no. GA-472 attacked the Municipal Corporation Post no 4 in Dadyal, Kotli Road and abused the On-duty Moharar Karamat Hussain. They tore the Governmental Records and ran away with torches and Governmental goods and threatened of severe consequences.

Later it was found that it the car used was alotted to Raja Jahanzeb DFO Forest Department, District Bhimber and he is the son of retired Executive Administrator Raja Khizar.

In an emergency meeting called by the employees of Municipal Corporation under the supervision of President Raja Khadim Hussain which was attended by the authorities including General Secretary Shahid Hussain Sulheria, Press Secretary Asif Saleem Raza, Vice President Vilayat, Joint Secretary Javed Iqbal, Member Council Rashid Ali Bazmi, Mohsin ul Hassan, Ashraf Chohan also addessed it.

In the meeting the attack of the criminals was strongly condemned and accused them in interfering in governmental works and have demanded from the Inspector General Police Azad Kashmir, DIG Police Mirpur Range and SSP Mirpur to register immediate complaint against the criminals.

They also demanded from the Minister of Forestry Department and Supervisor Forest and should limit the activities of such criminals who are using the Governmental properties in such criminal acts.