Interest Loan business on rise, in Kharri shareef

Kharri shareef, business of interest taking is on the rise, and poor people are the ones who suffer the most in such situations.

The poor locals who are unable to pay the holders, are under a lot of interest debts.

The debt keeps growing, and people are forced to pay with all their savings.

According to sources, shop owners and people in need who take money on interest are left with nothing.

People who take money on interest suffer, as when they are not able to pay the money back on time they have to pay more than they have.

So it never ends, until and unless they give away their saving or by selling something they own.

Local government is silent on the matter, as people will not stop when they are in need.

As the innocent people who hold their self respect over anything are stuck in such situations, they cannot even say something about it.

The social and religious groups found out one concerned person and talked to him about it, in return he told them that they take cheques or the papers or your property or anything you own.