Infrastructure Development Started after Qasim Majeed’s visit

Qasim Majeed’s tour to Daunagaliyan resulted in extreme happiness. Work on infrastructure started. Wave of joy spread among the people of. Slogans echoed in the sky regarding Qasim Majeed and others.

A few days back, Qasim Majeed visited Daunaglaiyan and heard the problems of the residents and promised them of solving their problems. The round of improvement has started by electricity provision and construction of better roads.

Doctor Tariq Mahmood Chaudhry assures the residents of fulfillment of other promises made by Qasim Majeed as the journey of improvement has started. Muhammad Yasir Gulab, Mian

Abdul Lateef, and others express their gratitude to Chaudhry Qasim Majeed and Administrator Azeem Bhatti on this welfare work.