In the Union Council of Kathaar Dilawar Khan; Mehro Gala Road and Dilawar Bridge were Inaugurated

Mirpur (31August2014,Bureau Report) The Minister for Religious Affairs for Auqaf, Zakat and Ushar Afsar Shahid said that the sovereignty, Development and strength of the country will ultimately strengthen the nation. Stronger Pakistan will bring Kashmir near to its Independence. These views were expressed while he Inaugurated the Mehro Gala Road and Dilawar Bridge, the Union Council Kathar Dilawar Khan. The Prominent Lawmakers Imtiaz Hussain Raja Advocate, Ch Asghar Ali, President Abdul Khaliq, Waqar Ahmed Ch Advocate, Raja Farooq Akbar Khan, Hafiz Iftikhar Khan, Mohammad Jameel, Former Vice Chairman Member Muhammad Sarwar Mughal, Chairman Developmental Committee Numbardar Altaf Arshad and others also addressed the ceremony.

They said that in Kathar the Mehro Gala Road in 2 Crore 81 Lacs, Dilawar Bridge 27 Lacs, Landha Road in almost 1 Crore, Palgetar Road in 1 Crore 75 Lac, Hal Thangal Road 1 Crore, Darhari Lona Road 1 Crore and Darbar Mai Sahiba Pajwana Road will be constructed with 1.5 Crore Rupees. Water Developmental Projects in Kathar will be completed with 1 Crore Rupees and a network of roads will be laid in whole of Dadiyal.