In Click and Click scandal criminal Adeel Asif sentenced to 2 years in prison

Click and Click scandal finally put to rest as the criminal sentenced to prison in court ruling.

The biggest scandal in Mirpur, forged ID’s provider Adeel Asif has been sentenced to two years in prison according to 489 action. This ruling was passed by Judge Shahzad Akram in Civil Court number 2. In many other police station across Azad Kashmir including Mirpur, complain has been lodged by locals about IDs (Profiles on click and click website ) provider who took their money and then disappeared from the scene. A large number of individuals involved in this fishy business have escaped abroad fleeing the authorities.

District Managements had assured locals that they will be refunded with money but so far they are yet to receive any money. District management is reminded of its duties and asked by locals to fulfill its promises. Also the locals are requested to be more careful and use accredited businesses.

Click n Click was a PTC (Paid to click) websites, in which user pay to signup to complete their profile/ID and get started earning money by clicking on Advertisements. Such type of business are still running in different areas of Punjab.

The best way to check their authenticity is, check the life of websites, how old it is, and also you can google the advertisements and call them if they have advertised with the PTC websites ?, better not to involve in such easy type of online business until unless you are not sure what you doing.