Imran and Qadri are Master Minds of Deviating the Public, PML-N

Mirpur (30August2014, Bureau Report) The Vice President of PML-N Sector L-3 Mirpur, Haji Mohammad Akram and New City Mirpur President Basharat Jarral in a joint statement said that PML-N will soon find a permanent and accurate solution of the existing political situation.

The front taken by Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri against the Government is strongly destroying the status of the country, whereas due to their negative approach and stubbornness the national economy is suffering from a loss of Billions of Rupees for which only these two Inqalab and Azadi are responsible. The two have no affection for Pakistan but for their own benefits.

They are using the public shoulder to spread poison against the present Government whereas the public knows the truth of the matter. Both of these are deceivers and are playing with public minds and sentiments but like always their struggles will be in vain.