Impacts of Facebook on our Society

In Old days, to bother or offend someone was considered as big sin. If a person hurts someone intentionally or unintentionally, the offender was not satisfied unless the victim person forgives. Now a days importance of asking for forgiveness is gone. That is the reason the Love, Affection and truth found in relationships which was prominent in past is not seen now.

Men and women gathered in a village

Men and women gathered in a village

In old days Old Men, women, and children use to sit under a tree to share their thoughts, feeling and problems, wise men use to told the stories. Women were busy at home in house hold work.

After radio and TV were Introduced, these events started fade out, people were trying to stop this eventuality but VCR and Cassettes Players were introduced then. People were surprised with this latest technology, Inflation and general level of prices for goods and services rise. Which changed the life style of people.

VCR and Films

VCR and Films

Now a days Facebook users are increasing every day, Students, Youngsters, Educated and Uneducated and even old people who are using facebook are increasing day by day. There are many other social network like Tiwtter, Whatsapp, WeChat, QQ, Viber, Pinterest, Google Plus+, YouTube, Instagram and many more. But facebook is prominent among all social network websites.

Facebook is a Social Network where everyone is able to create accounts and there is not basic law on who can create account on it. Facebook Users can easily offend anyone and can post Unethical disturbing Pictures of anyone. Which leads to quarrels and fights. No one knows what will happen next on facebook.

Boys can create fake account of girls and vise versa to cheat and play with emotions of each others. Day by day such cases are increasing and these cases creating problems in young generation.

People should use this platform but should not be allowed to cross the limits. There should be a Law where no one can create fake accounts, and it should be ensured that account holder is genuine and 18 plus. The Identity card issued by Government should be used to verify the Name, Gender and Age and Picture. So that no one can misuse this platform. Google’s Partner Programs Like Adsense Publisher and Youtube Publisher verify the name and address by sending a Pin Code in a letter to given postal address, which account holder has to enter in account to verify the Publisher accounts. So similar strategy should be adopt by such social platforms.

According to research analysis, facebook was founded in 4th of February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, along with his fellow student of Harvard College. Initially it was limited to Harvard students but later on it was expanded.

According to latest Facebook Statistics – Updated July 2016, there are over 1.71 billion monthly active Facebook users. Top most users on facebook are from Europe and Asia is on 2nd number.

Facebook is available in more than 70 languages, according to CNN report there are 83 million fake profiles.

25% people use facebook before their breakfast.

On average every facebook user has 130 Friends.

Average time spent per Facebook Login/visit is 20 minutes. Means whenever some one open facebook he/she spends at least 20 minutes.

Due to Low Rate of Internet Packages by Telecom and Mobile Companies, usage of facebook is increasing day by day. Young generation is addicted to facebook now and most of the time spending time on it.

Beside these facts people misuse it by making bad comments which leads to serious fights. Fake profiles are used to humiliate personal life of others.

We should spread happiness instead of hate and create problems for others. To avoid Blackmailing, kidnapping, humiliation we should avoid posting family pictures especially girls should think twice before uploading or sharing their personal photos.