Immediate action required against culprits who burnt National Flag in Mirpur

The General Secretary of All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference, City Mirpur, Shakoor Ahmed Mughal, on behalf of his party, has called for immediate arrest and launching of an F.I.R against people who burnt national flag and posted flags upside down on 14th August.

He said that such acts damaged the national dignity. He said with the help of CCTV cameras installed in Chowk Shaheedan the real culprits can be easily caught. He expressed his concern on the fact that Chowk Saheedan is usually under high surveillance of police and security personnels and still such an outrageous act was carried out and the culprits managed to evade the law.

Shakoor Ahmed Mughal demanded to take immediate action and to expose culprits who burnt National Flag. He further said that his party is in favor of a strong and stable Pakistan and that MC is Successor to the noble mission of the martyrs. He further said whenever conspiracy elements tried to destroy atmosphere of State they fought against them.