Imaam Masjid accused of molesting and harassing a 10 year old girl In Mirpur

Imaam Masjid of a mosque in Mirpur has been reported to sexually molest a 10 year old girl who is also said to be his Niece! The horrific crime was committed by the leader of mosque, who took advantage of being in-charge of teaching young girls in the mosque.

The little girl when reached her house was wearing blood stained clothes and was brutally injured, on inquiring she told her family that the Imaam had harassed her and fulfilled his lust. Hafiz Hussain, son of Shah zamaan, who teaches the young girls Quran in a mosque asked the 10 year old girl to go and switch off fan in a room. The girl did so but when she went in the room the Imaam also came and targeted her.

She cried for help but the room being locked nobody could hear her. The Parents of the victim has filed a report to the SHO of station Afzal-pur and demanded that extreme punishment should be given to the savage Imaam for his shameful deeds.