I was Not Invited at Brother-in-law Harry Khan’s Walima, Claims Faryal Makhdoom

Boxer Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom has claimed that she didn’t get an invitation to her brother-in-law’s Walima ceremony held at Bolton.

Faryal Makdoom has now taken to Snapchat after being asked why she wasn’t in attendance. She said: “Everyone’s been asking why I didn’t attend brother in law Haroon Khan’s Walima, but I kept quiet and try to avoid the question.

But the truth is AMIR’S wife and child were not invited. Or even included in the celebrations. They could have at least tried.

Haroon Khan told Mail Online: “We, family, friends, are all shocked and saddened by what his sister in law and wife of boxer Amir Khan, Faryal has been saying but we tried to forget about the negatives at the weekend and just enjoyed. She is a one off and lives her life by her own set of rules.

Amir Khan during an interview said, It makes it very hard for me – I just want things to be back to normal. I speak to my parents now and again and things are getting better and better. Being in the States gives both of us some space to be alone.

There’s definitely common ground between us all. I go into the ring to fight for a better life for everyone. I want us to live like a happy famIly.

Original News Source: Mirror