I Spoke Up to Make Pakistani Women Strong, Says Faryal Makhdoom

After Faryal spoke out against Amir’s family many international media and Pakistani media have highlighted her snap chat stories. Some appreciate her for for speaking out against domestic violence and harassment while others criticized her and questioned her motives against her in laws.

Faryal on a snap chat left a message saying:

I did it [spoke out on Snapchat] because there are so many Pakistani daughters-in-law who go through this and never speak up,” says Faryal. “I was one of them, who stayed quiet for my husband’s respect, for my family’s sake. I spoke up to make these women strong. I spoke up to defend my husband who’s done so much for his family but still gets grief, why? I wanted people to see this is unacceptable

According to her, her domestic situation at her home with in laws was unbearable after marriage, she’d “done her best” to assimilate into Amir’s family life, but she couldn’t “win over” his mother and sisters.

She told Amir about what she is going through, but in beginning he said its just a cultural thing of mom, dad, listen to everything they say. But in time Amir saw I was getting mistreated and it wasn’t fair for him see me in this situation he supports me in everything I do, we are one.

I never lie… that not my style… but for your so called family to write back to haters, isn’t that clearly jealousy?? Damn so much hate that you need to respond back for attention? Sad! What i actually done lol been a good wife to your broth

Because I spoke out, so many other women have spoken out, says Faryal. I feel they’ve become stronger seeing a Pakistani woman speak out. The amount of love and support and following I got was insane and I want them to know they have that support too.

Source: images.dawn