Husband torture Wife in Kotli and open fire on man who intervene

A man brutally tortured and critically injured his wife in Thathi Kartoot village of Kotli. Woman was rushed to the District Headquarter Hospital in Kotli.

Ansar son of Abdul Majeed resident of Thathi Kartoot village of District Kotli beat his wife black and blue, on a minor dispute. On screams of poor lady neighbors and people around tried to separate them but Ansar son of Abdul Majeed did not listen to any and continue beating her.

Brother of Ansar named Waqar known as “Poola” opened fire on Asad son Raja Abdul Khaliq who tried to intervene in fight and injured him.

Police was informed about the case but still no action has been taken. As per an eye witness Ansar was brutally beating his wife after neighbors listen the screams of poor lady they tried to stop them. But brothers of Ansar named Waqar and Aftab came forward and abused the people. Meanwhile Waqar who is also leader of Drugs Selling Gang opened fire on Asad son Raja Abdul Khaliq in his belly.

Injured were taken to Kotli Police Station from there they were taken to Hospital.