Husband found his 1 Month Wife, 7 Months Pregnant by her Cousin in Bhimber

Newly married husband found his 1 months old wife already pregnant of 7 months, upon discovering husband filed the case against his own wife and put her behind bars.

According to details, Ansar son of Muhammad Yousaf resident of Rajaani area of Bhimber District tied Knot with girl named (M) daughter of Shafique resident of Dawra Rajgaan village of Bhimber on 18 December 2016.

But 2 weeks after their marriage husband Ansar doubted his wife is heavily pregnant, to get it confirm he took his wife to hospital for check up. After her medical examination doctors confirmed her 33 weeks pregnant.

Husband who discovered his wife was pregnant before wedding him, went to police station and filed a case against his own wife. Police registered FIR and put the Wife behind bars.

In investigation woman revealed that her cousin brother named Khuraam son of Muhammad Sharif raped her forcibly and just because of her marriage was a head, she kept silence.

Police arrested her cousin Khuraam and started investigation, either it was rape or they did crime intentionally, if the girl was aware of her pregnancy why she did not bring in the knowledge of her future husband.

Police is investigating the case.