Husband Approaches FIA After Ex-boyfriend of his Wife Blackmails her

The person, belonging to Federal B area of Karachi, had threatened his married ex-girlfriend of blackmailing her.

Afraid of the outcome, the woman told about her ex-boyfriend to his husband and to her surprise, he turned out to be very supportive and reached out to Cyber Crime cell to deal with the situation.

The Cyber Crime cell aired the pictures of the blackmailer on tv.

The accused, Shoaib, used to work abroad and had come to Pakistan on holidays. When he thought of calling his ex-girlfriend, he found out that she is now married.

Shoaib pressured the girl of meeting him and developing illicit relations. When the girl refused, he resorted to threatening and blackmailing her with her old pictures.

When the girl told her husband about this man, he reached out to the FIA cyber crime wing that investigated the incident.

Taking immediate action, the FIA aired his pictures on media which resulted in his disgrace.

As the report went viral on social media, people lauded the husband as he turned out to be very supportive for trusting his wife and taking action against Shoaib.