Husband and Wife with 2 Couples arrested in Mirpur

Police arrested 2 couples form Sanoogt

Shabir, Ali Sher, Sheraz, Kosar, Kalsoom, Manzoor Begum in Police custody.

Shabir Shah and Kosar BB living in rented house in Sangoot got arrested by Thothal Police station for being involved in Bad Activities. They use provide room/space facilities to Boys and Girls for (*)rositution.

Shabir along with his wife Kosar BB came from Kamonkay Punjab and reside in Sangoot area of Mirpur. Last day SHO Thothal Police station raid on their home and arrested Both Husband and wife along with 2 couples who are ENJOYING TIME at their home.

Police arrested the couples Manzoor Begum with Ali Shair and Kalosum Begum with Sheraz Bukhari. Along with Shabir Shah with his wife Kosar BB who provided space for Bad Activities in return of money.