Husband and Brother-in-Law jailed for beating Mrs Parveen for having affair in Bradford

The victim Mrs Parveen, who is married to Tahir Sait, 41, was subjected to a violent assault in which her husband and his brother struck her in the face, put fingers in her eye socket and pulled her lips. Brother in Law of woman named Tariq Sait, 49, also kicked her in the back, stamped on her and pulled her hair.

Both brothers left her helpless bleeding from nose and mouth, took her mobile and locked her in her bedroom, while they were beating her, children were also present at home downstairs.

Husband of Parveen, Tahir Sait had doubts that his wife is having an affair with some other men in the town. He verbally abused her on different occasions and then finally plan an attack and involved his elder brother Tariq Sait and encouraged him to beat his wife.

Tahir Sait, 41, resident of Bradford, found guilty for assaulting his wife and was jailed for 21 months while his elder brother Tariq Sait, 49, a cab driver, and father of 4 children also resident of Bradford, was jailed for 2 years at Bradford Crown Court in honour based attack.