Hunters make their way to Azad Kashmir- Illegal hunting goes unchecked

Zealous hunters form all over Pakistan head over to Azad Kashmir with their rifles to hunt down exotic animals.

Azad Kashmir is home to a wide variety of animals including rare breeds of Geese. In order to protect them against extinction, all hunting has been banned for three years in Azad Kashmir by Wild life conservative Ministry. Wildlife Act of 2014 prohibits all from hunting wild exotic animals in AK for 3 years. This act was passed by Wildlife and Fishery Conservative ministries.

Presence of Ambitious hunters staying at Dadyal goes unremarked by Department Wildlife Mirpur officers and ranger officers from forestry department. This behavior is condemned and we request associated departments to stop hunting in our region and killing species.

The goal of wild life conservation is to ensure that future generations are not bereft of various species of animals. These animals are an important part of our ecosystem. And if even one of them becomes extinct the whole ecosystem is affected. The food chain gets disrupted and the result is upsetting of entire food web. The potential harms of extinction of species do not escape humans. Many medicines are made from the venom of rare snakes etc. If they become extinct, we lose the ability to cure disorders and diseases that can be cured by their venom. And this is just one example. Imagine other species that benefit us in one or other way becoming extinct.