Human Trafficking Gang identified, Mirpur

A human trafficking gang was identified, and the case was taken to SSP Irfan Saleem.

The affected person went to see SSP Irfan Saleem on the matter of human trafficking.

Mirpur, an affected person went to see SSP Irfan Saleem about human traffickers who are selling people dreams they cannot fulfill. They promise them good jobs, money and a better living overseas, but the victims are never heard from again.

They trap helpless people, and assure them that all their problems will go away. When all they want is to make quick cash overnight.

The poor locals are too dazed over the idea of a better living that they do not think about it. They try to buy a better future for their children and family, but all their hard earned money goes to waste.

These gangs offer people overseas jobs, with amazing packages, and a brighter future, and in the greed of having a better life they destroy the one they have.

These people have made lacks on such fraud cases, and are trapping people who live in the outskirts of Mirpur area.

The government and the local police needs to take strict action on the matter, and to shut down their workings.