Housemaid, Komal 13, Assaulted by House Owner for 2 Years in Lahore

13 years old girl named Komal who was working as housemaid, assaulted by house owner for 2 years in Lahore.

Komal a resident of Bhekaywal moor, Iqbal Town, whose mother had died started working after death of her mother, but she was abused by house owner. Finally she told her father Muhammad Azhar about what happened to her.

When victim girl father confronted with house owner named Sajid Hussain resident of Johar Town, but house owner along with the help of police filed a fake fir on both daughter and father of robbing 4 cell phones from his house.

Victim girl and her father both get bails from the fake case. Now after loosing the case, the landlord is threatening them to take revenge and recover the money spent on the case from them.

He has threaten to keep motorbike of Muhammad Azhar and keep his daughter for further assault. Victim’s father told that the Police is not restringing case against the culprit, because one of the policeman is the neighbour of landlord and has good terms with him.

Muhammad Azhar along with his daughter Komal held a press conference and demanded the concerned authorities to provide him justice or he will commit suicide.