Lareeb, 19 killed by her Father Abdullah Khan in Germany for Shoplifting Condoms

Germany: A 19 years old Muslim girl was strangled to death by her father because she brought dishonor to the family. She let them down and disobeyed them. The father did this after hearing the news of his daughter being caught red handed on shoplifting condoms which proved that she had relationship with her boyfriend, whom she was forbidden to see by her father.

Asadullah Khan, 51, admitted his crime. He said that Lareeb, his daughter, was forbidden to see his boyfriend and yet she kept seeing him. She also stopped wearing her headscarf and refused to obey her parents. She also stayed out many nights in a row which made them suspicious. But finally, when they heard that she had been caught shoplifting condoms, the father just strangled her to death with his own bare hands.

The incident happened on 28th Jan in the morning while Lareeb was asleep. The father then dressed the dead body along with the help of his wife Shazia, 41 and took her to a secluded forest and threw her there. The passers-by found the body the next day.

Lareeb was forbidden to go out of home because of her having a boyfriend, was beaten and tortured but one day her mother got a letter from police about her shoplifting. She told her husband about it who couldn’t take it anymore and ended her life by his own hands. Shazia said that she could not stop him but later on Nida, 14 years old, Lareeb’s younger sister, told that this is all a lie. Both their parents were equally involved in torturing Lareeb.

Lareeb’s boyfriend Raheel, 25 told the court that they both wanted to get married and he was aware of Lareeb’s situation at home. She was always beaten and tortured by her parents.

The case continues against the parents.