Homeless man jailed for 30 years for Murder of Pardeep Kaur, 30, in London

Homeless Vadims Ruskuls, 25, snatched hotel housekeeper Indian born Pardeep Kaur, 30, during a chance encounter as she walked to work in October last year as she made her way to the Sheraton Skyline Hotel near London’s Heathrow Airport.

He ***ually assaulted and killed the mother of one, then dragged her body on to waste ground where it was found nearly a week later.

During court trial Judge Richard Marks QC told him, “This was a truly shocking and wicked offence of the utmost gravity. Anyone who could do what you did must be regarded as extremely dangerous. What a dreadful way for Pardeep Kaur, a decent, hard-working young woman, to die.”

Ruskuls was thought to be sleeping rough with his mother beneath the bridge crossing the M4 when he pounced on Mrs Kaur.

Mrs Kaur’s husband Rachpal Singh “We hoped for a good life here with our daughter, but something terrible happened to us and now our dreams are shattered. The circumstances of Pardeep’s death will always haunt me because Vadims Ruskuls has not given an explanation.”

Vadims Ruskuls, has been locked up for at least 30 years for the “shocking and wicked” murder of a woman and will be deported after he completes his sentence.

Original News Source: DM