Hira Yaqub, Murdered by Husband Umer Tanvir on 3rd day of Wedding in Lahore

A newly wed bride named Hira Yaqoob, who got married to her cousin Umer Tanveer, and just 3rd day of their wedding, Bride Hira Yaqoob was found dead in her bedroom. Dead body of Hira Tanveer was sent to her parent’s house by in laws stating she was found dead in Morning.

Umar Tanveer and deceased Hira Yaqoob

Umar Tanveer and deceased Hira Yaqoob

Police registered FIR against the Groom and arrested him, during arrest he made different statements to media, “She was Strangled by her own Dupatta” and “She fell ill suddenly and died” but during police investigation he finally confessed killing his own wife.

The night bride was killed, Umer Tanveer at 2 AM, put pillow on face of his bride and sat over pillow until she died of suffocation. It took him 20 minutes to sit over pillow and kill her.

According to police, Umer Tanveer didn’t want to marry her paternal cousin Hira Yaqoob whom he got engaged 4 years ago, and wasn’t willing for the wedding till the end. He is in love with another girl who lives in Dubai, and wants to marry her, but due to pressure from family he was forced into marrying his cousin.

Police has filed an FIR under the murder charge against Umer Tanveer fo killing his wife.