Hira, Newlywed Bride of 3 Days found Mysteriously Dead in Lahore, Pakistan

A newly wed bride named Hira Yaqoob, who just got married to her cousin 3 days ago was found dead in her bedroom. In morning her Husband, Umar Tanveer, and In Laws sent her dead body back to her parents home in car stating she died in night.

Parent of Hira, found marks around Hira’s neck, and foam coming out from her mouth, they called police and filed a case.

Umar Tanveer and deceased Hira Yaqoob

Umar Tanveer and deceased Hira Yaqoob

Hira Yaqoob got married to her cousin Umar Tanveer around four-days ago, and found dead in her house in Samananbad on Wednesday. The in-laws sent the bride’s body in a car back home and informed the police.

Hira’s parents filed a murder case, and police has started the investigation. Hira’s husband named Umar Tanveer told media that he didn’t kill Hira and said Hira used to wear dupatta while sleeping, she might have been strangled by her own dupatta.”

Initial postmortem report revealed that no marks of strangulation were found on her neck, according to hospital sources, it is suspected that girl was fed poison.

Police has registered case against accused Tanveer over Hira’s family request and said facts will be revealed once the forensics report is completed.

Residents in neighbor said that Umar Tanveer was not happy with his marriage, as he wanted love marriage.