Highly educated students unemployed in Samahni

Chowki Samahni: Highly educated students are unable to find jobs in Samahni. Unemployment rate is increasing day by day. No one is appointed on the basis of merit; instead the culture of bribes and using high contacts is getting common. Parents of students are really concerned and worried for their children’s future. Parents requested the authorities to take notice.
According to details, there are no employment opportunities in Samahni on the basis of merit. The number of unemployed students after completing higher studies has increased to hundreds and thousands in the last few years. No one is given a job until he bribes or use some high contacts to get the job. Parents of students, who spent their lifelong earned money, are really saddened and disappointed by the thought of their children not getting any jobs. They have requested the authorities and government to take notice and get their children jobs on the basis of merit and excellence.