Heroin smugglers arrested!

Gang of 6 smuggling heroin out of country caught red handed.

Under SSP Mirpur and DSP watch, CIA and city police in a covert operation, arrested gang trying to smuggle heroin out of country disguised as cargo. The criminals arrested are as follow: Raja Afzal son of Azeem, Nadeem son of Nazar Hussain, Muhammad Azeem son of Iqbal, Hassan Rouf son of Abdul Rouf, Taj Muhammad son of Ghulam Rasool and lastly Husan Samad son of Abdul Samad.

SHO Rashid Habib further revealed that these people would fill cream tubes with heroin and ship it off to Britain as cargo.270g of heroin was confiscated which adds up to a value of 10,00,000 rupees. The police expects these individuals to be involved in other illicit activity and is questioning them for more detail.

Kudoos to police on a job well done!