Heroin and Cocaine Dealer, Idrees Hussain, 20, sentenced for 2 years in Bradford

Idrees Hussain, 20, resident of Yateholm Drive, Clayton Heights, Bradford sentenced to 2 years’ detention in a young offender institution for possession of 27 wraps of Class A drugs with intent to supply.

He was was caught red handed sitting in a car in Lingwood Avenue, Girlington, with a bag which had 27 wraps of Class A drugs. Which he was going to supply. He was arrested on March 27, 2016 by police officers investigating an unrelated offence of house burglary in the area.

He told police officer that he found the 21 wraps of heroin and six wraps of crack cocaine hidden in a hole in a wall and was “going to try” some of his find.

Judge told him, that he must have been “living on the planet Zog” if he did not expect to be locked up for peddling heroin and crack cocaine in the city.

While sentencing him, the judge said: “This is a a very clear and straightforward case of drug dealing, whether as a sole trader or acting with others, and that he has lied to police that he has found drugs from a hole in wall.”

Idrees Hussain was jailed for 2 years in young offender institution.

Original News Source : T&A