Here is Millionaire Model’s Picture, which actually sparked feud with family

See the picture ? it is where feud started with her in laws after she posted it on Social media with her fans.

It started a row with her in laws who accused her of spreading such pictures on social media. She, shared this picture to her fans in April this year and asked their opinion about her new blonde hairs.

Some fans of her expressed her views in favor of her, saying if this is the behavior of in laws to an independent, successful and young girl with promising future,then you can have think about other girls who came from a normal background.

Some suggested her husband that when you get married to girl, then with that girl your going to have kids and make your own family. So a husband should stand by his family and wife.

She said she has raised her voice to encourage other girls going through the same situation or even worst from this. She suggested them to came forward and take stand as its their life and they have right to live it they way they want.