Heavy Rains cause vast destruction in Kharak Road, Khambal

Mirpur- Heavy rains in the areas of Kharak Road Khambal have caused vast destruction. Hundreds of families of Pathans have been forced to live under open sky, awaiting help and praying for the rain to end, as their makeshift homes are washed away by the heavy downpour. Whereas, the newly installed water pumps were completely ruined as the water entered the bores of the pump.

The motors of water pumps constructed with inefficient planning, after Mangla Dam Raising proved to be useless as the water entered their bores, due to which the supply of safe drinking water to Kalyal B and its surrounding area will expectantly remain cut-off for several days.

It is impossible to recover from the loss as sewage and rain water has accumulated in the bores of water pumps. If this unclean water is supplied to the residents then there is a huge risk of epidemics to breakout in the said areas.

People are demanding of higher authorities to take immediate notice of the situation.

 Kharak Dyke, Mirpur

Kharak Dyke, Mirpur

Picture: Bilal Rafiq