Heartbroken, Amriz Iqbal’s Widow, Nazia Bokhari, 31, Speak About her Loss

Heartbroken Amriz Iqbal’s widow, Nazia Bokhari, 31, who married him about 5 years ago, told how the couple’s lives revolved around their two sons and Mr Iqbal’s son from a previous relationship.

Amriz Iqbal, 'Major' Died After a Group Rammed and Attacked him in Bradford Moor

Amriz Iqbal, ‘Major’ Died After a Group Rammed and Attacked him in Bradford Moor

Mrs Bokhari described Amriz Iqbal as always kind, polite, respectful, fun loving, popular, compassionate and an excellent father and husband.

She told of her horror and devastation when she arrived at the murder scene to find her husband lying fatally injured on the ground.

“I thought to myself ‘this can’t have happened.’ But there was no mistake; this lifeless form was Amriz, my husband, father to my children, my world,” she stated.

Words can never describe this horror. I will never get that image from my mind. I have to live with the image of Amriz lying dead in the street.

Amriz Iqbal left behind his three sons, Harris 15, Yahya three, and Yousef aged just one-year-old. It’s heart wrenching that boys will never get to see their father while growing up.”

The judge commended Mr Iqbal’s family for their courtesy and calm while sitting in court during the trial.

Detective Chief Inspector Ian Scott said: “Our sympathies remain with the family of Amriz Iqbal and we hope this outcome will give them some comfort as they continue to try and rebuild their lives without him.