Harris Saqib Jailed for 28 Months for supplying Drugs

Harris Saqib, 20, resident of Upper Grange Avenue, Allerton, Bradford, caught red-handed supplying on Otley Road, Bradford with Class A drugs, police recovered 59 wraps of heroin and crack cocaine from his trouser.

He told police that today “he has about 80 sale deals and it was one of the busy day, he don’t have time for the meal and his masters dropped him found in the car.”

Police saw three drug addicts around Harris, when police started chasing him they found him selling drugs to on addict. Police found £346 in cash hidden in different places of the car.

He told police that he hired a car on one of wedding ceremony in family which was crashed and he his to pay for it and he was forced to sell drugs to pay the repair bills.

He was provided with Audi and mobile and was instructed by drug deals to sell drugs for three weeks to earn money to pay the bills. The day he was caught by police he was instructed sale 80 deals by 10 pm night.

Harris Saqib is married with one kid and his wife is pregnant, while his mother whom he has to take care suffers from severe arthritis.