Haroon Rashid, 29, is a Serial Sex Attacker, and his Victims are from 19 to 35 years old Women

Haroon Rashid, 29 years old, is a serial sex attacker, and his victims are from 19 to 35 years old women.

The psychiatrist has pronounced him to be a danger to the public. As he attacked 5 women in the Bradford City Centre. The attack happened in broad daylight in a time space of 45 minutes.

He molested his victims, and was wanted by the local police for indecent exposure to a bus driver. The incident happened at the Bradford interchange two weeks before the attack on five women.

Mr. Haroon Rashid, asked the bus driver if he is able to see his pass. The male drive along with the female passenger were alarmed by his show.

Mr. Haroon Rashid, from Harris Street, Little Germany, Bradford, is a paranoid schizophrenic, and has sexually abused eight women in the past decade in Bradford.

He has been arrested before, in 2004, and was locked up for three different indecent assault cases.

He dragged a 13 year old girl to a church yard on Killinghall Road.

He grabbed her from behind, and covered her mouth, the girl asked him if he was about to rape him, and that she has asthma, he then punched her in the face and ran away.

He rubbed behind a woman in a knee brace, and she screamed for help.

The prosecutor told the court that, Mr. Haroon Rashid has sexually assaulted many women in the past and should be punished.

He showed signs of mental illness when he was held at the police station.

Mr. Rashid Haroon has been signed on the sex offenders list for life, and has been detained to a medical hospital.

Source: The Telegraph and Argus