Gunman fires during Ramadan-Tarawih Prayers at Seven Kings Mosque in East London

Worshippers thwarted an armed attack at London’s Seven Kings Mosque during the Ramazan (Tarawih) prayers.

Worshippers at the Seven Kings Mosque in Ilford were part-way through evening prayers late on Thursday when the sound of a gunshot rang out. A man, said to have had his face covered, was reported to have entered the mosque on High Road, but was made to leave before firing the gun.

The man was reported to have entered the Seven Kings mosque in Ilford on Thursday night, but was “ushered out” by those inside, police said. A shot was then heard at 10.45pm.

Police said there were no injuries and they were not treating it as a terrorist incident. They said they believed the shot came from a blank-firing handgun.

According to an eyewitness, an armed masked man shot fire out the mosque and managed to escape after people started gathering there.

However, there are no injuries or damage and the incident is not being treated as terrorism-related.

Earlier in March this year, at least 50 people, including nine Pakistanis, were killed after a gunman opened fire at two mosques in the New Zealand city.

The gunman live-streamed footage of his rampage to Facebook, filmed with a head-mounted camera. The footage showed him firing indiscriminately at men, women and children from close range inside the Al-Noor mosque.