Groom Murdered and Buried in Dulha Dress at Mehndi Night in Bhimber

Faisal Malik killed on his wedding day

Faisal Malik killed on his wedding day

27 years old Faisal Hussain s/o Serwar Hussain resident of Barnala who came from Saudi Arabia for marriage. Last day on his Mehndi day, her relative named Zaheer Hussain s/o Amanat killed him on his Mehndi on a family dispute.

Police arrest Zaheer while Groom was buried in his Dulha Dress in Barnala. After his funeral pryer, his relatives tried to burnt the home of Zaheer who killed groom.

SHO Barnala Police station who was on the spot stopped aggressive people not to burnt home. But a man named Altaf squirted petrol and another man named Zahoor set the fire. SHO Ch Abdul Khaliq and Altaf were badly burnt.

SHO ch Abdul Khaliq is shifted to Mirpur DHQ, he is burnt 40%, while Altaf is burnt and taken to Kharian Burn Center.

Police has registered FIR against 19 person who burnt the SHO. Until now, no one is arrested. All the people belong to Malik family.

Zaheer who killed Faisal wanted to marry the bride of Faisal and about 1 year ago Girl escaped with him.