Government appointed Slaughterhouse Butchers are Stamping Weak and Sick Animals after Butchering them

Butchers in  slaughterhouse have declared their own political system.

Butchers have declared their own system, and are feeding people weak and sick animals by butchering them first. This action has been going on in the absence of the doctor assigned to the slaughterhouse.

The slaughterhouse near vegetable market, has set up their own system where they are butchering weak and sick animals that are not approved by any doctor.

The duty doctor was last seen months ago, but his stamp is there.

The butchers are stamping the animals after killing them to ensure the sellers that the are buying quality product.

Media personnel went there to cover the entire thing, and figured all this out. There was no quality standard check, no-one was there to check the health of the animals, and the butchers were stamping dead animals.

The locals protested and asked the district government to investigate on the matter.

They figured out that there is no permanent doctor there, and the doctor appointed has hired someone to stamp the animals, who himself is seen once a blue moon.

The locals have asked deputy commissioner to look into it and solve the matter.