Good News: Amir Khan said he will stick by his wife after family feud broke out

Faryal has a 2 years old girl who is watching her mother fight the system and finding her voice to speak out. And if her father supports her mother through this hard time, she too will grow up to expect more from all men that come into her life. Unlike previous generations of Asian women, she won’t tolerate what she perceives as bullying, keeping quiet for the sake of the wider family at the cost of her own personal happiness.

Faryal is inspiring future generations of daughters-in-law to be free and to be themselves. For the rest of us, as panic starts to take hold over turkey and sprouts, spare a thought for those whose only escape from their interfering in-laws is to broadcast live on television or social media.

In keeping with his deference, even if there is genuine affection between husband and wife it is quite common for the son to plead with his wife to be patient and to tolerate his parents. He will promise her a future where things sort themselves out – but they rarely do. Or he might take the cowardly head-in-the-sand approach. This works for a while, until there is eventually an explosion of emotions.

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