Girls primary school in utter despair and ruin in Kaneeli Islamgarh

Government Saien Fazal Girls primary school in Kaneeli Islamgarh to be provided with all facilities. There is no provision of water, electricity, rooms and furniture. Due to cold weather and rain, animals have found refuge in the “school”

This ruin reflects badly on the government. The school is located in one of the town where PM Abdul Majeed enjoys great support and this neglect by him and his government doesn’t say much about his leadership. It has been 5 years and still the school stands bare as a new born rabbit. In this era of technological advancement and computers the students of Girls Primary School are living is Stone age. PM AK calls himself Second Sir Sayed but its obvious he holds no candle to him. He is not the advocate of education as he proclaims himself to be.

The people have discussed the deplorable conditions of the school with journalist but the government remains passive bystanders. We beseech the government to provide electricity, water, proper walls and other facilities so that our kids can benefit from it. After all they are our future.